The Problem

 1 in 5 patients with a stent placed for treatment of Coronary Artery Disease experience a Major Adverse Event in 2 Years*


adverse events are due to high risk areas left untreated


adverse events are due to failures at stent sites

Source of Adverse Events

*LRP Study: Lancet 2019 Over 2 years, cumulative MACE due to culprit or stented lesions was 9%, non-culprit or untreated lesions was 9%, and indeterminate location was 2%

There is a need to aid interventional cardiologists in optimal stent intervention and identify patients and plaques at risk of future coronary adverse events. 

Current technologies aid in stenting optimization, or assess a subset of patient and plaque coronary event risk. Patients need more.


The Solution

SpectraWAVE’s Medical Imaging Platform is a state-of-the-art integration of proven imaging technologies

into one easy to use system


The patient and the plaque

The highest quality combination of structure and content in one system


The intervention

Strategize, prepare, confirm and adjust medical therapy

SpectraWAVE's Imaging Platform Compared to the Competition